Genuine Love Bracelet Rose Quartz 8 mm Bracelet ( BS-0133-S-1)

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8 mm Beads Rose Quartz Healing Bracelet.(Love Bracelet)

Love is the most powerful healing force in the Universe.

As the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz brings the nurturing energies of compassion, peace, understanding, comfort, and emotional healing.

As a Heart Chakra healing crystal, it’s known to attract new love and encourage self-love.

Rose Quartz is known for bringing a soft feminine energy to the wearer.

Love Bracelet - A Little Wish For Love And Romance

This handmade wish bracelet would make a perfect positive little gift as the recipient will feel the sweet and comforting energies of rose quartz.

The rose quartz beads are symbolic of romance, not just in the traditional sense but also the love of family, of one’s career, or even love of life itself.