Seven Chakra Pyramid Wand ( BS-0442-S-1)

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7 Chakra Stone Wand.

Healing wands are used to draw in and direct healing energies to specific areas of the body. Many healers use their wands to intuitively scan the entire energy body, feeling for lulls and blockages in the auric field. If a problem is identified, the wands point is used to direct healing energy to the specific location.

Wands get their strength not only from the material they are made from, but from the intention of their handler. Programming a wand requires strong focus on a specific intent. Specific stones can be used to help amplify those intentions.

For example, if you are fighting depression or working to overcome addiction, an Amethyst wand would be a very effective tool. Amethysts are used specifically to heal emotional pain and overcome trauma. The strong intent, combined with the appropriate stone, creates a more powerful healing aid.

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