Agate Coaster Dark Blue ( BS-4119-S-1)

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Agate Coasters.

The cuts in agate stone with electroplated silver edge produce a natural variation making it a unique coaster set. The coaster gift set has a terrific look and can be used as coasters for bar, poolside, or as decorative table coasters.

 These beautifully unique coasters make an excellent addition to your home or bar. Their lustrous sheen would make them stand out as an accent piece in an office as well.

Put the agate in the part of the house that most needs energy replenishment and gentle healing. For example, blue agate is perfect for the health zone (east) and the wealth zone (southeast). At the same time, fiery red agate will get along perfectly in the southwest – in the sector of love and marriage.

A set of coasters is the perfect gift in this category, a useful but also slightly frivolous thing that doesn't take a ton of money to transition from "just ok" to “legitimately cool.” Coasters are an opportunity to show off style and personality, go big with luxury materials.