Beaded Humming Birds ( BS-0805-S-1)

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Beaded Humming Bird.

The most beautiful handmade hummingbirds you will ever find!. These stunning and colorful little birds have been crafted 100% by hand using the miyuki technique and high quality "chakiras (beads)". They have been elaborated by the Indigenous communities of Mexico Lindo.

Lovingly hand beaded.
Hand Beaded Glass Bead Hummingbird Hang Charm

• Variations of rainbow combinations
•Variety of base colors available
• Intricate tail with larger bead detail
• Hangs from a hand beaded loop
•Each piece is handmade and unique. The photo is representational. If you have specific color preferences and want to see specific hummingbirds available send me a message and I will send you photos.

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. Empowering women