Clear Crystal Gazing Ball ( BS-0166-S-1)

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Spiritual, Decorative & Collectible!!
Clear Lead Crystal Ball ~ a beautiful gift or perfect in any healing, scrying or gazing room!!

This is a medium size of our lead crystal balls, but that doesn't mean that it wont do the same job (scrying wise) than our huge sized balls.

I don't need to do a long winded write up for this item, because although my photos don't do  this beautiful 100 mm (round) crystal ball justice this wonderful item will sell itself.

For the spiritually minded, the ball will be perfect for scrying, gazing or watching, because of its 100% clarity (clear with no inclusions,distortions or blemishes).

The mounting stand is a beautiful and solid redwood with a lovely soft red felt lining in the middle making the whole piece simply gorgeous.

The felt in the centre of the base also moves so that the ball can turn freely without scratching the surface and you don't have to pick it up.

This makes it simple when you are wanting to you the ball as a looking glass or a photo prop.
If you are into beautiful crystals that have a real presence then this Large Clear Lead Crystal Scrying Ball will be for you.

Ideal for a healing room or have it as a decorative backdrop in a photo studio.

This item that will last a lifetime if looked after.

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