Conch Sea Shell ( BS-3413-S-1)

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Conch Sea Shell

Shells have long been used by ancient tribes around the world as protectors from negative energies, and as tools to stimulate intuition and spiritual connection. Because of the Moon’s influence on the ocean, seashells also hold the energy of the Moon
Metaphysical Properties and Uses:
-Healing and grounding
-Connection (put in your bath with sea salt to connect to the ocean and the shells' properties)
-Divination (like runes)
-Casting sacred circles
-Meditation (like you would with crystals)
-Altar décor
-Spell work (write sigils on them, put in a wish or spell bottle, use in your spells)
-Wear as an amulet
-Crafting (attach to your wand, adorn boxes, chests, besoms, and candles)
- Charge with your crystals
Best shells for:
Creativity: radiant
Healing/Cleansing: dish
Grief/Loss/Sadness: cockle
Energy boost: radiant
Beauty/Love: clam, conch