Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone Wand ( BS-0963-S-1)

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These luxurious yoni wands are made of clear quartz and are Extra Smooth Quality, super soft and gentle to the touch. Pleasure wands are made for conscious goddesses who want to honor and explore their sexuality while healing from the inside out through the act of sacred self-pleasure. The shape of this crystal was created with you in mind.

Extra Smooth Quality

Clear Quartz is a Universal stone that is used for overall well-being and connects us with Universal wisdom. It is very healing on all levels and brings that which needs to be healed to the surface.

Your new yoni wand will come to you fully cleansed and charged with the light of the moon.

The crystals that you will be welcoming into your home will always include its healing properties and will be wrapped inside an organza bag with sacred herbs that were used during your personalized blessing ritual.

Healing crystals have been cleansed with sage & charged with Reiki.