Pebble Mirrors Interior Design Hanging Wall ( BS-0851-S-1)

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These are decorative only mirrors and not glass.

Bring the healing vibes of the mirror into your space with these beautiful wall mirrors. We can literally manifest our hearts true desires when we do so!

They easily bounce the light around and will make your home feel more light, spacious, and are also a unique and eye-catching design! The moons are made from a strong safety mirror which makes it ideal to post and the wooden/acrylic frame around the mirror. These mirrors are versatile as you can also have the moons facing outwards as well as inwards by switching the order of the crescent moons around.

These mirrors are a perfect addition to any moon lover’s room and are a great spiritual home decor piece! Order today!

Decorative Acrylic safety wall Mirrors. Interior Design, Wooden colour or black colour. Mirror, Bohemian Wall Decoration.

The material is thin so easy to hang ideal for decoration and safe Material.