Orgonite Amethyst Gemstone Pendant ( BS-3780-S-1)

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Orgonite metatron pendant, natural stones agate, healing spiritual, positive energy

Associated with the properties of encrusted stones, this orgonite metatron pendant generates a positive and balanced energy field around you.

Orgonites protect you against electro-magnetic waves.

They improve the vibratory rate of a person when they are worn ( pendant or pocket orgonite ).

Material: resin, beads, cotton threads

  • Minerals : agate ( Real stones )
  • Size : 3.9 CM
  • Weight : 15 gram
  • Necklace length : 35 centimeters
  • Pendant height : 3.9 centimeters
  • Pendant width : 3.9 centimeters
  • Materials : Silver, Stone
  • Gemstone : Agate


Benefits of orgonite:

  •  Generates a positive electromagnetic field (absorbs the negative, transmutes and redistributes)
  •  Also neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies
  •  Decrease in the impact of Stress
  •  Purification of the atmosphere as well as the living space
  • Promotes sleep

"Orgone is the light, the universal energy which is present in everything, it is what stops the decrease and creates the healing".

The stones offered do not in any way replace medical treatment, it is imperative to consult your doctor beforehand.