Gemstone Sphere Pendant. ( BS-1643-S-1)

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Gemstone Sphere Pendant.

The ascendant lord Gemstone can always be worn in the neck as pendant touching the thymus gland area. Wearing Gemstone in the neck as pendant is also good in cases of healing of diseases, health ailments, boosting immunity etc.

Unique Natural Benefits Of Every Gemstone
  • Silver Jewelry: It alleviates body pain, boosts bone health, reduces blood pressure and uplifts your mood.
  • Pearl jewelry: Treats digestive problems, boosts fertility and helps control emotions.
  • Garnets: Boost your energy levels and your confidence.
  • Connection. Gemstones can help you in increasing your concentration and connecting you with your inner conscious. ...
  • Healing gemstones are believed to have healing powers within themselves.
  • Soothing Effect.
  • Purpose.
  • Tool.
  • Cleansing. 
  • Sustainable.