Couple Gemstone Bracelets ( BS-1426-S-1)

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Gemstone Couple Bracelet.

People believe that paired bracelets worn by lovers or friends will always attract them to each other, create an invisible but tangible connection.
Natural stone jewelry has a direct impact on the wearer. They can give energy, make you more serious, more attentive. Or, on the contrary, to give a pacifying mood, calm down, tune in to a romantic mood.
Shungite jewelry helps the wearer to accumulate vital energy, repel negative information. By the way, the rejuvenating and healing properties of shungite are confirmed by research by scientists.
The white color that nature has endowed with Howlite symbolizes purity and innocence. However, on the other hand, it is the personification of strength and human dignity. It is known that jewelry containing unpainted howlite is able to banish disturbing emotions and thoughts, as well as soften anger.
Gift wrap complete with bracelets.