Crystal Birthstone Tumble Stone ( BS-1310-S-1)

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Orgonite Birthstones Tumbled Stones.

~ GARNET ( January )  //love, loyalty, commitment// Chakras: HEART, SACRAL, ROOT

~ AMETHYST ( February ) //protection, purification, spirituality// Chakras: CROWN, THIRD EYE

~ BLOODSTONE ( March )  //Master Protector, grounding, healing// Chakra: ROOT

~ CLEAR QUARTZ ( April ) //Master Healer, enhancing, amplification// Chakras: ALL (Primary: CROWN)

~ ROSE QUARTZ  (  May )  //all types of love, compassion, self-esteem// Chakra: HEART

~ MOONSTONE ( June ) //amplifies intentions, protection, healing// Chakras: THIRD EYE, THROAT, HEART

~ CARNELIAN ( July ) //creativity, physical vitality, grounding// Chakra: SACRAL

~ PERIDOT ( August )  //dreams, spiritual knowledge, forgiveness// Chakra: HEART

~ LAPIS LAZULI ( September ) //communication, intuition, inner power// Chakras: CROWN, THIRD EYE, THROAT

~ RED JASPER ( October ) //nurturing, grounding, stabilizing// Chakras: SACRAL, ROOT 

~ CITRINE ( November ) //abundance, cleanses all chakras, emotional balance// Chakras: ALL (Primary: SOLAR PLEXUS, SACRAL, CROWN)

~ TURQUOISE ( December ) //balance, release, spiritual insight// Chakras: THIRD EYE, HEART

Natural gemstone, You will receive the similar item as picture shown, not exact one since stone is unique.