EMF Anti- Radiation Stickers. ( BS-3812-S-1)

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EMF Anti Radiation Stickers.

EMF Anti-Radiation Sticker. Use this EMF sticker to help relieve headaches, hair loss, and insomnia. This powerful shielding tool protects against damaging electromagnetic frequencies, as well as generates beneficial negative ions. Negative ions, or anions, are necessary to support your body's everyday functioning.

Each sticker have radiation neutralizers in them. Cell phones require 2 stickers, which last for 3 years. One of the first things you'll notice that shows it's working is that your phone won't be as hot.

The concept here is that it is a sticker, with various technologies embedded inside, that theoretically helps protect the user from the EMF radiation emitted from their cell-phone, tablet, laptop and more.Many of these products provide a physical barrier between the source of the radiation, and your body.