Four Elements Stone Set Earth, Air, Fire, Water Elemental ( BS-1150-S-1)

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Four Elements Stone Set contains all the palm stones shown.

Earth is Green Aventurine. Earth is the element of stability, groundedness, fertility, materiality, potential, and stillness. Earth can also be an element of beginnings and endings, or death and rebirth.

Air is Clear Quartz. Air is the element of intelligence, creativity, and beginnings. Largely intangible and without permanent form, air is an active, masculine element, superior to the more material elements of water and earth.

Water is Sodalite. Water is the element of emotion and the unconscious. Water is one of two elements that have a physical existence that can interact with all of the physical senses.

Fire is Red Jasper. Fire is associated with strength, activity, blood, and life-force. It is also seen as highly purifying and protective, consuming impurities and driving back the darkness.

Size Approx: 1 3/4"