Full Moon Charged Opalite Sphere ( BS-0503-S)

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Benefits of the Opalite Crystal:

Opalite is sometimes called Sea Opal. Although this Opalite is made with Opal mixed with glass, it still nevertheless, holds plenty of beneficial properties, and is a stone of love. It is a very gentle, calming stone and is ideal to have in your work space or situations that may be difficult or tense. This stone can help us to achieve our goals and to be successful, particularly in business and attracting financial wealth. Opalite is good for meditation and can also enhance our psychic abilities. It can increase communication abilities at all levels, especially on the spiritual level.

Opalite is also said protect the newborn infant so would be a good choice of gift to welcome a new baby.

It is also known as "The Stone of Angels" and encourages Angelic connections.