Gemstone Chip Stone Bracelet. ( BS-1400-S-1)

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Gemstone Chipstone Bracelets.

Popular Chip Stone Bracelets are made from gemstone chips on an elastic thread.

They are very comfortable to wear, chip stones are polished so they will not make any harm to your skin. Bracelets are perfect for any wrist.

Mookaite is known for bringing out your adventurous and bold personality and provides a confidence boost that helps you in all difficult or challenging situations you may face, where you need a bit of extra support.

Gemstones have been used throughout the ages. Whether as a status symbol in ornaments and jewellery or for their healing properties for both physical and mental health. This is still very much the case today. Some will use it for meditation, reiki and other forms of healing practises or simply carrying them around with them.

Chakra stones are used to activate, balance, or amplify the energy of the chakras. Crystal healing is based on the belief that stones or crystals have a natural healing frequency that can be activated to contribute to moving or balancing energy around them.

No matter what your reason is for looking at these gemstones. They are magnificent and great to have around whether for beauty or there healing properties.