Gemstone Crystal Wooden Grid ( BS-1891-S-1)

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Gemstone Crystal Wooden Grid.

These hand made crystal grids are excellent gifts for crystal lovers who want a special way to display and amplify their crystals, set intentions, or have clearing ceremonies with the full moon. Each grid is burned with sacred geometry: Merkaba or The Flower of Life. The wooden slabs are all natural bass wood from Michigan, sanded and natural (w/o stain or treatment) and have the bark on; one inch thick and approx 9" in diameter. Each wood slab is unique. Please account for diversity in shape, size, and material as each slice of wood is unique. While they are beautiful for crystals, these are not food-grade. Hover, we do sell blank grids if you would like to decorate your own grid or treat it for other display uses. Crystal grids are great for meditation, relaxation, intention-setting, goal-setting, manifestation, chord-cutting, working with your twin flame, creating a protection shield, and healing chakras and auras.