Gemstone Massage Wand ( BS-3694-S-1)

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Seven Chakra Engrave Massage Wand.
These wands are used for healing, massage therapy and reflexology and energy medicine. Especially useful for skincare and around the eyes. They are really good for massaging the back of the legs, the upper arms, the back and the neck. The round massage wands are very soothing, and very relaxing.

Use this wand in a horizontal position rolling it with pressure over the back, shoulders, arms, legs or feet. Use the crystal massage wands thicker end to target pressure points. They are easy to hold, these are used by holding them like a pencil.

This smooth Massage Wand is beautifully hand crafted and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves crystals. It is believed that by applying crystals directly to the skin, their energy is enhanced. This massage wand is an easy way to feel the benefits of jet every day.

Please do not wash with boiling hot water. It's better clean the edge with warm water and soap for thorough sterilization before first use, then after every using wash them with soap and water and wrap them in a soft cloth.