Gemstone Pelvis Wand ( BS-3581-S-1)

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Gemstone Pelvis Wand.

•Get out of your head and back into your body during love making

•Restore sensation and greatly increase your capacity for pleasure

•Eliminate pain during penetration

•Increase your likelihood of experiencing G-spot and cervical Orgasms

•Increase your libido

•Release shame, guilt, anxiety and trauma

•Reconnect to your body and your sensuality

•Increase connection with your partner

• It is important to clean your wand when you receive it and before/after each use using warm water and a mild non-irritating soap. Please use warm water only for cleaning (do not use hot or cold water, as extreme temperatures may cause damage to your wand).
• Since your wand is made of natural crystal please treat it with care, as dropping your wand can lead to fractures or breakage.
• You may also like to energetically cleanse your wand in your chosen method when you receive it and before each use to help build a connection with your wand, however this is completely optional and depends on your personal preference.