Genuine 8 mm Beads Selenite Bracelet for Luck ( BS-0137-S-1)

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8 mm Beads Selenite Healing Bracelet.

Selenite is truly an amazing crystal! It’s highly regarded in the crystal healing world. Selenite is a softer stone, but incredibly beautiful and so very powerful!! It is the perfect addition to your gemstone jewelry colletion.

Wearing it with your other bracelets will cleanse and charge them! Selenite also cleanses & protects your aura as well as protects your physical body from negative energies. It never needs cleansing or charging as most other crystals do.

It facilitates a connection with the angelic realm and is an excellent meditation crystal. Selenite increases your spiritual gifts strengthening your intuition. It resonates with the Third Eye & Crown Chakras.

Selenite is a talisman of good luck.

It protects one from outside influences.

It promotes clarity and honesty activating the abilities to deal with stressful or turbulent times.

It activates the crown chakra, promoting freedom & positivity.

Selenite crystal chakra good luck bracelet.

Selenite clarity chakra gift