Geometric Sun Catcher Ornament ( BS-0859-S-1)

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Geometric Sun Catcher Ornament.

Put it in direct sunlight to enjoy the beautiful rainbow prism it has to offer.
Enchanting little rainbows and speckles of light are cast from this hanging crystal sun catcher.
It’s a beautiful home decor piece to add to any window or as a gift for anyone that could benefit from some happy rainbows and sparkles.

Placed by the window, letting the sunlight hit the prism, that's when the suncatcher is at it's most beautiful.
The shiny golden moon and rainbow dots reflecting from the suncatcher will bring a magic atmosphere into your home.

In Feng Shui, prism crystals are a popular tool to evenly distribute the sun’s energy into the room that is coming from the window. The prisms are called Feng Shui crystals, rainbow crystals or Feng Shui window crystals. The glass of the prism crystal is pure and has a bright, high vibration. It is ideally suited to be used to harmonize rooms, build up Chi and to prevent energy loss.

Sun catchers are not only beautiful to look at, they are also an enchanting gift and bring light into the life of a loved one.
Ideal for decorating windows, winter gardens, as Feng Shui decoration or to beautify your windshield in the car. The suncatcher also looks lovely placed in a sunny spot on your terrace or balcony.