Guardian Angel Stone Angel Fengshui Angel 5.5 cm ( BS-0086-S-1)

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This Attractive Feng Shui Natural Gemstone Angel

Size: 2.Inch Handmade in INDIA.

This Angel matte finish and carved nice and deeply, It helps concentration and memory, cleans the emotional aspects, spreads compassion and potentiates cosmic energy.

Your gemstone angel has so many uses.

Meditate with your angel and incorporate it into all your ritual work.

Use your angel as you feel called, where you feel called, and however you feel called.

Allow your intuition to manifest itself. Listen to your inner voice.

These are remarkable tools for spiritual evolution, attracting harmonizing energies and summoning Higher Realm magic.

Allow the white light and healing medicine of these angel to flow through you.

Accept the wisdom, love, and guidance that they may have to offer you.

You will receive the similar item as picture shown, not exact one since stone is unique. Customize note: if you want to make your product in your own way, please let us know we will make any stone in any shape for you with any of the symbols.

** The pictures featured in the listing are for visual presentation, the product is totally handmade and it may vary a little in color and size to some extent because of its natural characteristics