Jade Guasha Natural Massaging Stone Tool ( BS-0299-S-1)

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Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing method in which a trained professional uses a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin while they press on it. This motion raises small, red, rash-like dots that show under your skin called petechiae

Polished Gua sha massagers are used gently on the skin of the face and back, and slight aggressively on the skin of the body. This has been practiced for thousands of years. It is very good for health and beauty.


• Smooth touch feeling
• Good to relax your skin's muscles and feel more tight. Improves blood circulation.
• It helps your face to relax and thus reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

How to use a gua sha

1. You can use a gua sha on the face, body and scalp, and it’s best to use with water or an oil – but never on bare skin.

2. Hold the gua sha tool with the curved side to your face and glide it gently up and out, starting with the neck, jawline, chin and around the mouth, between three and five times per area. Always take short strokes in just one direction, not back and forth.

3. Next, press the tool flat to the skin, under the eyes or over any redness, to soothe and de-puff.

4. Work the tool in small horizontal strokes over the brow bone to lift, or hold and press upwards between the brows to release tension.

5. Stroke down the neck, never upwards, to drain fluid.

6. If you want to reduce puffiness, work lightly, then more firmly, to relax muscles.

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