Anti EMF Radiation Protection Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant ( BS-0595-S-1)

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Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant made of Volcanic Lava rock.

This Scalar Energy Pendant utilizes specialized quantum physics, geometry and vibration harnessing technologies to help synergize the power of the human body's bio-energy system and allows it to run with optimum performance.

Quantum Pendant restores balance and harmony to the body to
•Improve blood circulation
•Enhances cellular permeability, nutrition and detoxification
•Improve stamina, endurance & strength
•Alleviate soreness, aches & pains, and improve flexibility
•Enhances immune and endocrine systems
•Helps to retard the ageing process
•Energize blood cells & reduce "sickness"
•Calm the mind & improve focus
•Strengthen the body's bio-energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves