Natural Black Matte Onyx Agate Lucky Stone ( BS-0841-S-1)

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This is a beautiful stretchable bracelet that features a Golden Color Lion head, Black Onyx matte .all woven into an elastic band. Comes with Free Gift Box.

Black onyx can provide protection from negative energies and help heal skin disorders. Learn how to use this powerful stone to improve your health and life. Gemstones are keys that can be used to unlock your potential. Their energies can calm anxieties and infuse the body with healing energies. By wearing this particular stone, you are inviting its energy into your life.

Black onyx is one of the most unique and powerful stones. It is best known for its protective qualities but can be used to help enhance determination, deflect negative energies and increase self-confidence and the ability to multitask. Black onyx is also a grounding stone that is valuable in difficult or confusing times. It is frequently recommended for people who have lost a job or recently experienced some type of breakup or ending.

What Is Black Onyx? Black onyx is a black stone that is found in Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. It is usually polished with an opaque appearance. Some onyx stones have a pattern in them that resembles the eye. Considered one of the most powerful healing stones in ancient times, it has been found in the graves of Native Indians and ancient Greeks.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Black Onyx?

Black onyx is an excellent stone to wear to protect from negative energies and provide strength during difficult times. The energies of black onyx are said to repel negative energy from other people's emotions and thoughts. In ancient times it was worn to protect the wearer from 'the evil eye" or jealousy of others.

Today, black onyx can be worn to help end unhealthy emotional attachments and help release negative thoughts which may be blocking emotional healing. Its protective vibrations work to reduce fear and worry and can keep one centered and grounded during difficult times.