Opalite Tumbled Stone Hanging Ornament ( BS-1548-S-1)

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Opalite Tumbled Gemstones Hanging Ornament.

Opalite is a man-made synthetic glass with beautiful opalised iridescent color. Even though opalite is a man-made crystal, its very beloved stone for meditation since its believed to be very energetic stone that removes energy blockages of the chakra and said to bring positive energies to its owner. These opalite spheres are absolutely lovely ...some of them have rich milky white iridescent color..and some of them are more transparent iridescent color...*Please be aware that many of them have unique lines. They are fully charged under the full moon. I will carefully pick one piece for you!

These home or car decorative macrame hangings make the perfect gift for friends or family. They may be used for reiki healing to balance the chakra auras and radiate fung shui energy to bring good fortune, luck, and happiness.

Improved larger size and quality stones