Reiki Symbol Pendants ( BS-1628-S-1)

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Reiki Symbol Pendants.


Whether you practice Reiki regularly, have experienced a Reiki session, or have just heard about it, the ancient healing practice—which is based on the idea that energy can be transferred through touch—thereby jump-starting the mental, emotional, and physical healing process—is endlessly fascinating.

One of the most important and interesting elements of Reiki is its symbols. Reiki symbols allow people to take their Reiki practice one step further by allowing them to take the energy of Reiki and use it for a  purpose. While in most cases symbols really only affect the subconscious, Reiki symbols work a bit differently—they actually alert the mind and body to change the way the Reiki energy functions. To activate them, Reiki practitioners can visualize the Reiki symbols, say their names out loud, or even draw them. As long as you're using intention in the activation process, you can make it happen.

So, what are the Reiki symbols, what do they mean, and what should you know about them? Although Reiki symbols are traditionally supposed to be kept a secret, over the years they've gotten quite a bit of exposure and buzz. That being said, here's a breakdown.