Seven Chakra Om Engraved Bracelet Strechable ( BS-0117-S-1)

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10 mm Seven Chakra Stones Bracelet.

Benefits of our 7 Chakra Aum Stone Bracelet.

This is a timeless and transformative piece that is specially created for you to receive the delightful properties that Chakra healing and Chakra activation bring. This colourful 7 Chakra OM Bracelet will align your energy centres and bring you peace, serenity and calmness.

Om, a symbol that was originally born and adored in Hinduism is now being used in many religions including Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and the Bon faith.
This beautiful symbol is directly related to peace, meditation and spirituality.

According to the faithful, Om is the sound that resonates within the cosmos and is a representation of the creator

The ‘AUM’ mantra consists of three syllables: ‘Awe’, ‘oo’ and ‘mmmm’. All of these are chanted at the beginning and end of yoga or meditation sessions slowly. As you chant these syllables, you feel certain calming vibrations within your body.

This Stretch Bracelet comes gift wrapped, ready to be gifted.

Masculine stretch bracelets made with Seven Chakra stone.