Seven Chakra Tumbled Stone Wand ( BS-0928-S-1)

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7 Chakra Wands.

Healing wands are used to draw in and direct healing energies to specific areas of the body. Many healers use their wands to intuitively scan the entire energy body, feeling for lulls and blockages in the auric field. If a problem is identified, the wands point is used to direct healing energy to the specific location.

Wands get their strength not only from the material they are made from, but from the intention of their handler. Programming a wand requires strong focus on a specific intent. Specific stones can be used to help amplify those intentions.

For example, if you are fighting depression or working to overcome addiction, an Amethyst wand would be a very effective tool. Amethysts are used specifically to heal emotional pain and overcome trauma. The strong intent, combined with the appropriate stone, creates a more powerful healing aid.

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Chakra Stone Pyramid Reiki Wand Crystal wand Healing wand Spiritual wands With Crystal Ball and Point Pencil for Healing.

Pencil Point Orgonite Stone Healing wands.

This handmade Healing Wand is a beautiful gift for anyone who wants the blessings of unconditional Power and heart healing.

Crystal wands can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body or aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body, or on a particular
chakra. They can be used to scan the aura and the chakras to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them.

The pictures featured in the listing are for visual presentation, the product is totally handmade and it may vary in color and size to some extent because of its natural characteristics

Balancing your Chakras improves your health and increases your well-being (mentally, physically and emotionally).

Marble helps to create balance in our lives. The darker shades help those with excessively high male energy by softening that male energy when it becomes destructive. The lighter shades aid those whose female energy is working overtime and making them feel overly sensitive.

Natural gemstone, You will receive the similar item as picture shown, not exact one since stone is unique.